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WELCOME to the homepage of the U3A Network Canterbury.

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The U3A movement aims to encourage an active retirement for women and men in their 'third age' by providing for their cultural, social, physical and intellectual interests. Members are people wanting to widen their interests by getting involved in life-long learning opportunities of all kinds and to share activities in an informal friendly atmosphere.

A new U3A is planned: - U3A South West Christchurch.

An Information Meeting will be held on October 12th at 2pm, to explain what U3A is and what interest there is in joining a new U3A in the area.

The venue is St Marys Church Hall , 329 Halswell Road, Halswell , with car parking at the back.

You are invited to come along and find out what U3A has to offer to retired and semi-retired people. If you are interested in joining this U3A in the South West area, (particularly Halswell and Wigram), you will be able to register your interest at this time.

For further information anyone may contact: Naida ph 338 5030    or Pam ph 322 7892

Network meetingThe U3A Network Canterbury is an assembly of representatives from most of the individual, autonomous U3A groups in Canterbury and has also co-opted members from various U3A groups to help with the expertise required to set up a Network.

In order to be a successful, worthwhile community contact, and a source of information as a contact base for inter-U3A use, this web site has been set up.

The individual U3A groups in Canterbury are linked under this network website and users can access the relevant webpages for up to date details.

Links to the U3A Network NZ webpage and to some overseas U3A websites are also provided, using the menus on the left.

Recent Event Report

Six New Stories about the Christchurch City Rebuild, held on 19th July, 2016. Attendance 130 U3A members.

Our Aims

The aims of U3A Canterbury Network are:

Help in the setting up of new U3A's

Publicise the U3A organisation to the Canterbury community

Supply information, provide stability and support, especially for new Presidents

Communicate and interchange, especially with those U3As within NZ, Australia

Develop U3A opportunities, eg joint ventures, Conferences

Share information on news from other U3A groups, travel, conferences, etc

Promote the 5 point ageing model as advocated by current research

Promote the U3A-Online capabilities, and the GEMS Newsletter from Australia

Be a conduit of information/contact details/data base to the wider community, locally, other U3A groups nationally and internationally

The 5 Points of the Successful Ageing Model:

Contact Us

To contact us, please send email to The President or The Secretary.