Leadership Opportunities in U3A

President Sue Cronshaw thanks retiring long serving member Anne Schroder.
There are people in U3A membership who have exercised leadership in their business and professional lives. This group has a high level of skills, but often the opportunity to use those skills for a self chosen purpose has not existed before. In retirement you can choose something you want to do with all that knowledge.

There are also people who have never been involved in committee work, and who've had few opportunities to develop leadership skills. Now's you chance.

On U3A committees you will see how people get things done. There are both good leadership models to follow, and there are mentors to help you.

Many people our age, especially women, were encouraged to leave school at 15, or just after you passed School Certificate, and the opportunity to undertake higher education was lost. Some of us as adults did study at university, part time. That opportunity is still available. If you are sixty, today, there's plenty of time to complete a full degree, a couple of papers a year. The question is, do you want to?

Committee meeting May, 2016
In any case doing an online free paper at Coursera, edX or FutureLearn, can be interesting, and give you confidence. You might study either on your own, or as one of a small group. You may be very happy just to do the work, not worrying about getting a certificate. With broadband in your home, you can find a way to study almost anything that captures your interest. If you want advice or help ask your U3A committee.