U3A St Albans, Who Are We? What can we say about ourselves?

Since we are new, who are we? Can you tell us?

We can learn about each other in social networks. These are the places.
Google Plus

We have more than 160 members, and an active committee. Our focus is to get to know each other better. For that reason we are having weekily meetings to begin the year.

Possible Interest Groups

Future Speakers for our Main Meeting

Possible Community Service

Research Options

You can add suggestions to these lists if you email U3A St Albans.

There are also some forms addressed to the Steering Committee, where you can tell us about yourself and nominate yourself for future roles in U3A St Albans.

Are you currently engaged in a personal learning activity we might call research?

Do you and a skill or interest you would like to pursue as an Interest Group Leader?

What about yourself? Who are you, what interests you, and what do you need to get out of U3A St Albans?

Thank you so much for helping us.